Do you know about a melon that does not go bad?

One million times more antioxidant
power of vitamin C

"Melon Glisodin" as the main ingredient of "Dr.MelonR" is improved in breed, it is harder to decay by 3 to 4 times than ordinary melon, and contains approximately 7 times SOD. SOD boasts the strongest power among "antioxidant enzymes", SOD has the power to remove one million times as much active oxygen as compared with vitamin C, resveratrol etc. famous as "antioxidant substance".

Product that makes the best of efficiency of GliSODin®

  • High percentage of compounded amount
  • Component
  • Easy to take

Uncompromising wish and a real quality
we hope the product to be exclusively carried at medical institutions

Some people might buy many supplements or take many a day hoping to get various effects.
Dr.MelonR aimed for uncompromising product regarding the blend, content, and shape in order to make the best of the effect obtained by GliSODin®.
Because the product is sold only at medical institutions, it is made with the “Patients First” principle.

Various effects that attract the medical
institutions around the world

GliSODin® affects differently than the existing antioxidant substance.
The effects are various such as “improvement of immune system and
inflammation”, “improvement of metabolic syndrome”,
“prevention of arteriosclerosis”, and
“improvement of memory disorder due to stress”.
Many evidences have been reported in various fields.

Product Summary


Product name Dr.Melon R
Content weight 60 tablets
Shape Soft chewable
Flavor Yogurt flavor
Other Ingredients Glisodin® 250mg / Rose petal extract 25g
(Serving Size 1 Tablrt)
Directions You chew two drops a day in a mouth in an aim as healthy supporting food, and please have it. Made in Japan