What is will not rot melon?

The main component of Dr.MelonR’s “GliSODin®” is derived from a melon of Vauclucien species that was improved its breed in Avignon province in Southern France.
This melon originally used to have a short period of maturity and quickly go bad so it was improved as a melon that has a long life and is hard to oxidized.
Compared to ordinary melons, this melon is hard to get oxidized by 3 to 4times and contains SOD which is a type of antioxidant oxygen by 7 times more compared to an ordinary melon. By the power of SOD, this melon is hard to get rotten and became special.

What is SOD enzyme?

Other various supplements contain antioxidant components such as Vitamin C and E, polyphenol and astaxanthin, and coenzyme Q10. These antioxidant substances combine with active oxygen that affects adversely inside the body and removes it. However, once it connects with active oxygen, it finishes its role so it is necessary to take it continuously.
SOD enzyme is a defense system that is originally possessed inside human body in order to eliminate active oxygen and prevent from oxidizing cells.
Since this function is similar to the one by antioxidant substance, many of it is thought to have “a similar effect as SOD”.
Among other antioxidant substances, SOD is known for its high ability to eliminate active oxygen.

Comparison of capacity based on vitamin C

Active oxygen changes

Active oxygen that is developed inside the body changes itself due to various factors and influences. The changed active oxygen has different characteristics.

4 major active oxygens are known as superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, singlet oxygen, and hydroxyl radical. In the early stage of the change, active oxygen can be eliminated by enzyme in the body.
However, as they change and get stronger, the enzyme becomes insufficient to eliminate them so it needs to rely on some kind of antioxidant.

How Glisodin works efficiently on active oxygen

Famous antioxidant is effective against 1 active oxygen among the 4.
Study shows that GliSODin® enhances the activity and increases the number of “SOD (189%)”, “glutathione peroxidase (151%)”, and “catalase (271%)” which work on superoxide and hydrogen peroxide.
It is impossible to beat the powerful active oxygen or hydroxyl radical just bypartially activating enzymes in the body.
However, GliSODin® is an unprecedented and revolutionary antioxidant that can eliminate superoxide and hydrogen peroxide before hydroxyl radical is produced.

Induction of antioxidant enzyme ※28days

Glisodin reaches firmly and works

Substances similar to “SOD” have a possibility to be decomposed by gastric acid if it was taken as food.
After it reaches to stomach, it is absorbed inside the body and combines with active oxygen as “SOD enzyme” does. It can prevent active oxygen from destroying cells inside the body. However, this action happens only once when it combines with active oxygen and is not continuous.
GliSODin® is a collective term of a combination of melon SOD and wheat gliadin.
The wheat gliadin is hard to be digested and protects melon SOD until it is absorbed inside the body. It is taken into gut immunity organ, not into digestive organ because of the difficulty in digestion.

Furthermore, although SOD is harmless, it is recognized as a fierce foreign object. Therefore, it makes the activities of not just SOD but also catalase and glutathione peroxidase increase as a part of biological defense response. By taking GliSODin®, antioxidant enzyme activity is increased or induced. Continuous elimination of active oxygen is done and it leads to a great effect.

Published research items on effects of GliSODin®

  • Mental health

    In memory impairment model due to stress, score improvement · hippocampal cell proliferation recovered to normal level
  • Sunburn (UV)

    Chronic skin troubles caused by ultraviolet rays are eliminated. Improve QOL on vitality and sleep
  • Inhibition of arteriosclerosis

    Long-term intake test over 2 years reduced inner membrane thickness of the carotid artery, which did not improve with dietary guidance alone
  • Suppression of cancer relocation

    Metastasis and the like were remarkably suppressed in a model in which cancer is malignant due to inflammation
  • Chronic hepatitis suppression

    In the model where the liver is fibrotic due to the parasite, the fibrogenesis density decreases in a dose-dependent manner
  • Suppression of diabetic complications

    Suppression of renal hypofunction without lowering blood glucose level in diabetes spontaneous model
  • Locomo prevention

    Suppresses waste disuse muscle atrophy caused by oxidative stress
  • Suppression of rheumatoid arthritis

    Reduce the peak of clinical score in rheumatism model
  • Sports

    Suppression of lactic acid value rise due to intense exercise. Suppress inflammation due to intense exercise
  • Reduction of oxidative stress

    Reduces leukocyte DNA damage by high pressure high concentration oxygen

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