How important is GliSODin® 500mg per day?

There are various studies and academic publication on GliSODin®. Although there are supplement that GliSODin® is blended in Japan, the content is not very high.
Looking at research result of this remarkable component, the basic daily intake is 500 to 1000 mg based on many research data. Therefore, it is good to take at least 500 mg per day to gain the result.

Detailed effects of GliSODin®

Because it was developed aiming for the supplement that you can
feel the effect as a product exclusively for medical institutions.
That is why we stick with 500mg of daily intake.
Please feel the effect of this miracle melon.

Specialty component

Not only the remarkable effect of GliSODin®, but also we blend other special components.
“Dr.MelonR” aimed for all-in-one supplement.

【Extract of rose bud】

Rose as a symbol of beauty is known not only for its appearance but for various beauty effects.
Extract of rose bud contains unique polyphenol of “Eugenin” and is known forbrightening effect and prevention of allergy symptom.
Effect of Eugenin in rose bud’s extract

Anti-aging effect

It protects your skin from oxidized damage by ultraviolet light.
It also hinders an enzyme called hyaluronidase that decomposes hyaluronic acid which is essential for skin elasticity.

Prevention / brightening effect of blotch and freckle

It hinders tyrosinase that causes blotch and freckle.
By hindering it, it works on brightening of skin and prevention of blotch and freckle.

Prevention of allergic symptoms

Allergen produces histamine when combined with antibody and that creates the allergy reaction.
Eugenin is known as a prevention of combination of allergen and antibody so that it works on the alleviation of allergic symptoms such as hay fever and atopy.

  • 【Zinc】

    Zinc supports women who want to keep their beauty. It is a promising component that could work on metabolism of skin, promotion of hair growth, hormone secretion, increasing immune strength, and so on.
    However, it is also known as a mineral with low absorption rate. It is low in content in food and highly likely to be lost when being cooked so this mineral is apt to be insufficient.
  • 【Selenium】

    It is a main component of antioxidant in the body working together with zinc.It is a component of enzyme that decomposes lipid peroxide which deteriorates when cell wall is oxidized. It helps on anti-aging and improves immune system and has inhibitory effect on cancer.
    When toxic substance enters in the body, it connects with the substance and makes it detoxified.


Balanced vitamins are blended that are important to support your health and beauty.

  • Vitamin C

    It helps on synthesis of collagen and antioxidative effect and prevention of producing melanin. It also helps keeping healthy skin and well-being.
  • Vitamin E

    It is known for its high antioxidant effect. It changes its nature when it eliminates active oxygen but Vitamin C can regenerate the deteriorated Vitamin E. So it is a good match with Vitamin C that is recommended to take daily.
  • Vitamin B1

    It helps producing energy. It is especially necessary when it changes carbohydrate to energy. If Vitamin B1 is insufficient, it is said that people get easy to feel tired and stress.
  • Folic acid

    Folic acid is one of Vitamin B1 group and helps the synthesis of red blood cell and amino acid. If it is insufficient, it might occur anemia and decrease of immune function. Women, especially pregnant women, are encouraged to take it.

Easy-to-take chewable tablet

If you need to take a lot of supplement or many times a day, you might forget to take or feel troublesome. Don’t you ever feel that way? Dr.MelonR is an easy-to-take chewable. Only 2 tablet a day.
You can take it anywhere without water.

High quality without using synthetic sweetener

General supplement does not necessarily be tasty because it is taken with water. Dr.MelonR is particular about its taste because we want everyone to take it daily. It tastes like yogurt loved by both children and adults and it is chewable as a snack.
Because it is handled at medical institutions, no artificial sweetener is used. Dr.MelonR uses a sweetener called stevia of a plant origin. Stevia is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sucrose but very low in calorie and you can feel the sweetness with only a small amount. It is used for many foods because it doesn’t increase the blood-sugar level and doesn’t become a cause of cavity. This natural sweetener is known from the old times and various safety tests scientifically proved and implemented.